Capstone Innovates MyGlobalHome

Global Home revolutionizes both building and living in homes with cutting edge smart device and IoT technology

Global Home Technologies

United Kingdom
Small-Medium Sized Enterprise

MyGlobalHome is a company that produces a sensor rich, highly integrated and controllable living experience which is revolutionizing both the construction industry and the homes people live in. They believe that the homes of the future will maintain themselves and look after their residents. As new technologies develop, they enablenew ways of working and living. MyGlobalHome provides expertise that streamlines and guides how these new, sustainable technologies can be adopted into the home. Through carefully managed data analysis across every stage of a home's life and every aspect of home, MyGlobalHome provides richer insights that inform the creation of more resilient, cost-efficient, responsive and individualized homes.


  • Control of the home needs to be highly responsive.
  • The home controls must function from within the home regardless of connectivity to the Cloud.
  • Device State must be captured continuously and maintained both on-premises (in the home) and in the Cloud.
  • When outside the home, control and current state of devices must be available.


  • Deployed AWS loT Core in the Cloud and AWS Greengrass in the home.
  • Capstone designed and developed a solution leveraging AWS EC2, RDS, SES, IAM, loT Core and Greengrass Core which used loT Shadows to report the state of the individual devices. Shadows were also used to sync State and telemetry data from the home to the AWS Cloud and to update desired state changes for things such as lights and climate control.
  • Capstone developed a Mobile app which allows home occupants to access home control services hosted in the Cloud on AWS as well as redundant local services for offline opportunities.


  • MyGloballiome can support full control of the home both offline, in the home and externally with remote access to the AWS Cloud.
  • Changes to the state of devices and the environment such as temperature are sync’d between the home and the Cloud.
  • Control of devices such as lights, heat, blinds and curtains can be supported within the home regardless of connectivity to the internet, and outside the home when internet access is available.
  • A mechanism exists to allow flow and syncing of state and telemetry data to be used for home control and back end analytics.
"We are excited to launch this project and utilising AWS Edge computing technology has allowed to support pivotal use cases as we bring this innovation to market."
Lee McCormack, CEO, Global Home Technology, Ltd.