Capstone drives efficiency with the latest cloud technology for a 70 year old food service company.

Schwan’s Home Delivery Accelerates Transformation into a ‘Modern Mobile Retailer’ with Amazon Pinpoint and AWS Professional Services

Schwan's Home Delivery

United States
Large Enterprise

It all started with ice cream and a yellow truck in rural Minnesota. 70 years later, we're still a family-owned company that proudly serves communities and families across America. As times have changed, so have we. We never get tired of working to find new ways to make sure our frozen food and delivery service exceed your expectations. Because one thing will never change: we believe every meal should be a delight. Schwan’s has 4,150 employees, delivers food in 48 states, has used propane powered trucks since 1974, has 3,190 tricks and is the largest direct to consumer frozen food delivery service in the US.


  • Schwan’s is a 70 year old frozen food delivery service with the inability to scale their customer engagement systems
  • The company relied on customers to call in orders by phone, and then wait for a delivery truck to arrive in their neighborhood with the requested food to order
  • No order tracking existed, and notifications were non-existent.
    It was just wait and see when the food order arrives by looking out your window


  • Leverage Professional Services to implement Amazon Pinpoint and ‘Amazon Connect, generate text messages and app notifications that can facilitate connections to customers to generate greater customer satisfaction, increased sales, and further route efficiency for drivers
  • With AWS ability scale to Schwan’s 2 million customers, allow for the expansion of direct communication between Schwan’s sales team and delivery drivers to provide customers with what they want


  • The new AWS-powered system will alert customers about when the delivery truck within 60 minutes of their area and ask through Amazon Pinpoint if they want the truck to stop by, allowing for more predictable delivery and more efficient on-demand services
  • Schwan’s now sees that at least 45% of customers respond to the new digital interaction when they get a push notification stating that a delivery truck for direct purchasing of food is in their neighborhood, with some markets as high as 80%.
“In just a few short weeks with the solution that AWS Professional Services helped us to build, we were able to realize increased productivity, mileage savings and, most importantly, an enhanced, more on-demand experience for our customers"
Kevin Boyum, Chief Strategy Officer, Schwan’s Home Delivery