Service Offerings

We provide a wide range of software engineering services including: development services, implementation services, cloud services, and managed/support services as well as leveraging our own proprietary IP tools.

Software Development

App Development and modernization

We design and build web, mobile and desktop applications for our clients to solve a wide range of business needs. Whether it's a new product or application, or extending and modernizing legacy applications, we have the experience to get the job done for you. From workshops and UX/UI design to technical design and the final product, we will build, extend and manage your applications and portals.

Enterprise/Platform Development and Integration

We are experts in building and integrating external services for your Enterprise platforms to create omni solutions. From large multi-channel Retail systems to a host of other platforms and business use cases, talk to us about how we can help leverage and link your data and services to deliver business value from your platforms.

Serverless Development

When scaling, security, flexibility and adaptability are problems you are facing, we can work with you to design and build serverless software solutions to allow your business to flex and scale.

Custom Development / Application Extension

We have spent decades extending the life of complex software applications and platforms by writing extensions and plugins to allow your business to keep up with technology while leveraging and preserving the underlying code base it is built on.

Cloud Services

Data Migration, Data Analytics/Machine Learning

When it comes to your data, talk to us about how we can help protect it, migrate it, aggregate it, classify it and use it to provide insights into your business, products and customers. We have migrated large data systems from on-premises into the cloud and developed data lakes feeding sophisticated AI and Machine Learning models to help businesses make sense of their data in a myriad of ways.

Application Migration and Modernization

Businesses trust us to bring sometimes decades old legacy systems into tomorrow's technology in a sensible, non-disruptive way. As we migrate your applications, we can often modernize them and add feature/functionality to better serve your clients while achieving your business, security and scaling needs. Our team of developers and cloud engineers are ready to talk to you about how we can partner with you for the long term on this journey.


We have developed software solutions for Sustainable smart homes, retail hardware integration across thousands of locations, transportation tracking and wear-ables to name a few. Talk to us about how IoT technology can provide real-time solutions to hardware and software that is, or could be running on the Edge for your business. We have leveraged this technology for unique use cases to bring real-time visibility and data from Edge devices and software into your enterprise.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Part of our long relationships with clients includes our ability to manage and support Cloud Infrastructure for the long term. From continued cost and performance optimization and security reviews, to monitoring, remediation and disaster recovery services we will support your mission critical applications and data for the long term.

Software Products / Support

Capstone EMS

One of our IP tools is an Enterprise Management Solution that provides visibility, proactive alerting, and automated remediation of system and application issues. Today tens of thousands of devices are being monitored by EMS, empowering its users to provide proactive rather than reactive support, while also gaining key insights to their business.  This powerful, flexible, and easy to configure solution is perfect for estates with complex distributed systems.

Capstone TRUSSt

Another one of our IP tools is a payment and transactional data bridge being used by top retailers today. TRUSSt provides a one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, or many-to-many coupling of leading commerce platforms to the world's largest payment solutions and downstream systems relying on data from Point of Sale (POS) and is perfect for retail clients who are looking for speed to market with their integrations, or may need flexibility as they manage different combinations based on geography or multiple banners under their brand.

Enterprise Support/Managed Services

With our deep domain experience in Retail we provide a number of managed services, unparalleled subject matter expertise, L2-L3 support, and system monitoring in a flexible model.  Our team and yours becomes one to provide your business the support and stability to keep your systems up serving your customers.