Capstone Helps Touchstone Communications Leverage Generative AI to improve Call Center Performance

AWS Bedrock, AWS Comprehend, AWS Transcribe, and AWS Quicksight provide Generative AI powered call analytics with instantly available metrics

Touchstone Communications

Touchstone Communications is a company that provides a wide range of business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Founded in 2002, it has become a recognized leader in the industry, particularly in the automotive and financial services sectors. Touchstone serves other industries like travel, e-retail, solar, debt settlement, trucking, and logistics. Touchstone offers services like: - Customer service outsourcing: This includes managing conversations across various channels like website forms, email, social media, LinkedIn, and SMS text. - Call analytics: Touchstone offers in-depth analysis of call center data, providing insights to improve customer service and operations. - Outbound call center services: The company specializes in outbound lead generation campaigns, generating qualified leads for businesses. - Back-office BPO: Touchstone handles a variety of back-office functions like accounting, HR, dispatch services, travel reservation assistance, debt settlement, e-retail omni-channel support, and marketing services. - Digital marketing services: This includes services like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media marketing.


Analyzing calls to determine if the proper questions were asked during the call is currently a manual process that is also inconsistent and subjective, relying on human interpretation of the call.

Due to the slow and manual process, only a small percentage of calls are being analyzed.

There is a high cost in doing this making 100% coverage of calls cost prohibitive.

Metrics such as agent and customer sentiment tracking for the call duration are impossible to capture and measure


The solution uses AWS Transcribe and AWS Comprehend to translate voice recordings of all calls into text This forms a verifiable, word-by-word document and a text summary that can be read by AI and stakeholders.  

AWS Bedrock is then used to score the calls based upon metrics provided to the AI algorithms, and provide a contact center analyst score to the calls.  

The call scores and test is displayed to stakeholders via an AWS Quicksight dashboard.

Other AWS services leveraged for this solution include Lambda, S3, Cloudfront, Cognito, Kinesis and Athena.


The platform provides the ability to verify script adherence by the contact center agent.

It allows review of calls for training and metrics to trace customer and agent sentiment as well as an objective scoring of the call performance

This will improve customer satisfaction and agent performance by giving them actionable feedback from GenAI call analytics as well as a historical record and metrics to verify the effectiveness of agent training.

AWS will help Touchstone to accelerate Generative AI powered call analytics with instantly available metrics and transform their capabilities to offer a SaaS platform to call centers globally.”
Mike Myer, CMO & Co-Founder Touchstone Communications