complex retail solutions


•  Can simultaneously support your multiple different

   environments while ePOS, payment provider, and

   payment processing systems are deployed.

Leave the “heavy lifting” to us!

  Lets you leverage Capstone’s years of experience

   designing and providing Payment Solutions…

One Integration

Multiple POS Versions

Multiple Payment Solutions.

•  A single integration point from different POS versions

   providing support for multiple payment platforms with

   little or no additional POS changes.

One Retailer

Multiple Payment Platforms

•  supports multiple payment processing solutions  for

   Retailers requiring coverage in different geographies.

   TRUSSt handles all the integration between systems

   providing seamless switching.

A bridge

  Enables simple coupling between any ePOS platform

   and a host of Payment Processing Solutions.
•  Allows a merchant the flexibility to transition from one

   platform to another on either the ePOS or Payment

   Processing side.
  Makes possible the deployment of multiple front

   and/or backend solutions concurrently.
  Provides different interfaces as ePOS and Payment

   Systems evolve while maintaining a core set of

        File Based
       Direct Integration into existing ePOS systems
       Secure Socket
       Web Services