tools and resources you need

Quality Assurance

•  Unit and Regression Testing
  Custom development
        Functional and Integration Testing
       Validation of the integrated technical

       and  functional solution
•  Full E2E Validation
  Client Readiness Testing Support

Project Management

  Disciplined, timely and standardized approach to

   project management
•  Quality Project Plans
        Milestone Driven
  Clear Entry/Exit criteria for multiple phase projects
  Proactive Management of the three project


•  Project Reporting
        Weekly Executive Status
        Project Plan
        Project Logs
        Discussion records

*  Meetings
        Team Meetings
        Executive Status Meetings

Business Analysis

•  Documentation Services

  Current Functionality
  Proposed Functionality
  Store Operations
  Training Materials
•  Transaction Sets and Test Scripts
  Definition and documentation of Business

   Requirements Document (BRD)
  Create Functional Specifications Document

   (FSD) for Custom Enhancements
  Create Test Scripts for QA for Enhancement