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Technical Services

  Managed Services
        Patch Management
        Polling Support

  Network Management
  OS Hardening/ PCI- PADSS Services
  Certification of your software on upgraded

   versions of OS/SQL
        POSReady 2009
        Windows SQL 2007

  Hardware Evaluation
  System Health Checks
        Monitoring Services
  Distribution and Deployment
        Automated Installs
        System Prep and Staging Services

Implementation Services

•  Experienced implementation team for

   complete Store systems implementations
        Design and Project Requirements definition
        Implementation Specialists - Business Analysis
        Implementation Specialists - Technical Analysis
        Integrated testing and quality assurance

  Integration Development and technical services
        Application Training
        Integration Testing
        Application Configuration
        Application Consultation

•  Testing Support
  Deployment packaging
  Rollout services
  Account Subject Matter Expertise

Consultative Services
General Consultation Services

  System and Configuration Review
  Business Process Review
  Definition of New Business Requirements
  Implementation and Quality Assurance Methodologies
  Training Services
  New Hardware Evaluation and Selection Assistance

POS Selection Services

  Total System Evaluation and Analysis Features
  System maintenance
  System administration
  Data Update mechanisms
  Code Update mechanisms
        System Deployment strategies
        Hardware requirements

  Network Requirements
  PCI Considerations
  Code design
  Customization strategy

Transitioning Services

  New System Transitioning Services
        Bridging support

          Support for limited pilots against existing systems

           for either in-store systems or head office systems
          Design, develop and deploy any required

           bridging systems to allow current systems to

           function with new ones.
           Allows for gradual cutover to new systems

           without disruption of business.
  Data Migration
  Pilot and rollout support